Case-it binder review

Mitchell Pettit, Staff Writer

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The Case-it Sidekick binder is one of the best binders on the market. It has a variety of options and styles that make it a very desirable binder.

It features a five pocket file compartment and a 3 ring binder with a 2” capacity in the bottom compartment. It also has the option of separating either compartment if needed. I really like to mesh pocket on the top of the binder for holding my writing utensils.

Another thing that is great about the binder is that it comes with a couple different carrying options. The top of the binder has a built in handle perfect for carrying along your side like a briefcase. The binder also comes with a carrying strap that is removable and adjustable for your needs.

The Case-it Sidekick also has a rigid structure. This keeps it from warping or bending while you are carrying it or openning it.

All-in-all this binder has many features that make it desirable and functional making it one of the best binders on the market.

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Case-it binder review