Bringing jazz back

Conner Wood, Staff Writer

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The Jenison Chambers Singers recently performed two mini concerts in the black box of the JCA. There they held their annual Club Night where the students perform songs relating back to the “good old days” of jazz.

Some of the performers were, but are not limited to, Conner Wood, Dan Bittner, Devrah Hayden, Kate Snyder, and multiple others. The talent exuded by these singers is sometimes overwhelming for the audience and at times they would bust out into cheering during the song, however, this behavior is encouraged as it brings the singers confidence and helps them relax.

Club Night this year was a particular success as they not only made a large profit from the proceedings, but they also warmed and shocked the hearts of many concert goers. Many parents continue to make comments about the outstanding singing abilities of the Chambers Singers and are excited to see their success in next years shows.

Bringing jazz back