Grammys for Jenison actors

Conner Wood, Staff Writer

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Thespis Awards is an annual awards ceremony for the actors and crews of Jenison High School. It is here where awards are given for categories such as Best Onstage Duo, Easiest to Work With, Best Crew Leader, and others. There are also student performances in between, as well as a light-hearted mock of the senior class. Most importantly, however, the shows for next year are announced.

The night began with an outstanding performance Zach Avery, followed by some awards and other performances. The other performances included Caden Hembrough, Olivia Randall, and a duet with Audrey Geysbeek and a special mystery guest. All of these performances were also amazing.

The night ended with the senior mock which was well received and thoroughly enjoyed. Then finally the next shows were announced. The fall play next year will be Radium Girls, followed by the spring musical The Hunchback of Notre Dame.

Overall, Thespis awards is an awesome way to spend an evening.

Grammys for Jenison actors