Is Jimmy John’s really “Freaky Fast, Freaky Fresh?”

April 20, 2023

Jimmy Johns is a sub shop with over 2700 locations. They strive to be the fastest and the freshest. Here is Jenison, we have two locations. One on Cottonwood and Baldwin, and another near Port Sheldon and 28th street. We only have two sub-shops in the area. So why is Jimmy Johns so great?

Menu and Offerings

According to Rocco Smith “When it comes to subs and hoagies, no one does it like Jimmy John’s. What started as a small sandwich business in Charleston, Illinois has now grown into one of America’s most popular sandwich chains with over 2,000 locations.” Jimmy Johns offers a well-rounded menu when it comes to subs. They have many options for food. Their most popular subs are The Pepe, The Turkey Tom, and The Veggie. My favorite is “The Pepe.” It has the perfect amount of mayo and a great mix of veggies and meat. It is ideal for picky eaters like me! So whether you like ham, turkey, or roast beef, Jimmy Johns has the options for you. 

Brand and Marketing

“Freaky Fast, Freaky Fresh” is Jimmy John’s Slogan. Jimmy Johns said “At Jimmy John’s, we don’t make sandwiches. We make The Sandwich of Sandwiches.” Jimmy Johns makes their brand known with its fast service and the classic red and black look.

I have never had a slow experience at Jimmy Johns’s. It has always been fast and fresh. I always have felt comfortable going to Jimmy Johns during a time crunch. They have friendly staff waiting to take your order and they are always very nice. Jimmy Johns has been great and never been less than amazing quality.

Social and Environmental

Jimmy Johns has always been fresh and clean. They make fresh bread daily and clean their supplies at least once a day. Jimmy John’s Corporate said “They require their suppliers to conduct business in ways to protect and preserve the environment. They focus on water stewardship, sustainable packaging, energy efficiency, and climate protection.” Jimmy John’s thrives on being sustainable and environmentally efficient.

I have never had an awful experience at Jimmy John’s. I love how Jimmy Johns is very simple with what they give you. You get your sub wrapped, your receipt, and a napkin or two. Compared to competitors, you get a handful of napkins and a bag to carry your sub. Yes, that is convenient but it is not sustainable or environmentally efficient.

Customer Experience

Of course, there are bad experiences at times, everyone has them. Anyone can give a review, qualified or not. Most people only leave reviews when the experience is bad. According to Comparably, “Jimmy Johns is #2 compared to their competitors because of their customer service.” As a customer at Jimmy John’s, I was very pleased. My sub was delicious and it gave it a warm smile and a “have a great day.” I have never had a bad encounter or bad service at Jimmy John’s. I would recommend visiting Jimmy Johns anytime you need a “freaky fast, freaky fresh” sub.

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