Aliens or an attack to the United States?

March 20, 2023

Research shows that unidentified flying objects (UFOS) have been around for decades. Kenneth Arnold, a businessman, was the one who first discovered and got evidence of them back in June of 1947. Arnold saw nine objects flying at a great speed in Washington, the conspiracy of aliens that is still around today began shortly after this. His initial (first) report went everywhere on the news. Reporters and the media invented new details to make the story more extreme. It was not long until singers began making songs popularizing the supposed aliens. Hollywood movies about the situation, made aliens very well-known among adults and children as well. “Hollywood did its part, too, with several films about alien visitors, most of which featured flying saucers..” stated by Stephen Mihm from the Washington Post.

Why were they here?

The recent UFOs were all found in different locations, the closest one found & shot above Lake Huron in Michigan. Locations consisted of Alaska, Canada, Montana, & of course Michigan. It remains unknown what they were and what they were doing. “Those intercepted over Alaska and northern Canada, she said, had balloon-like features with small cylindrical metal objects attached, and they were flying at around 40,000 feet. The object downed over Lake Huron on Sunday, first detected over Montana the prior day, was different: an octagonal shape with strings hanging off of it and traveling at 20,000 feet over Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.” According to John Kirby, National Security Council coordinator, stated at the White House we American people do not need to worry about the aliens, and not much more to inform us on.

How often does this happen usually?

The former Director of National Intelligence Beth Sanner, who now works at Harvard University’s Center stated that the director reported to Congress of 247 recent documented reports of unidentified flying objects since March of 2021. Before March, Sanner stated there were an extra 119 reports. “About half of the total are “characterized as balloon or balloon-like entities.” Others act more like drones. And a few appear to be nothing more than “airborne debris like plastic bags.” “

What is the Government doing?

As we know, the government and Congress have known about these unidentified objects for decades. 75 years ago, sightings of “UFOs” began to increase, leading the media to spread the word everywhere about these objects, which gave them their name. The government did not like the collective obsession that began after everybody had heard of or seen, an unidentified object. The Washington Post also stated, “In public, they dismissed the reports, arguing that ordinary citizens, their imaginations inflamed.” Yet in private, officials acknowledged that some sightings could not get dismissed.

Congress gets involved

The recent sightings of these unidentified objects prompted Congress to get answers. A meeting took place about the issue, and members of both parties attended to get more information, although they did not get what they had hoped for. “Senators left a classified briefing Tuesday with at least one question answered about the three unidentified flying objects that the military shot down over the weekend: They weren’t aliens.” Senate Minority Leader, Mitch Mcconnell, stated that the administration has still been unable to share any more information. Another stated that they are creating a bigger problem for themselves, due to the lack of transparency.


Nobody currently knows what these objects are or who they came from. Although the White House was willing to declare that they were not from out of earth stated by CNN. “John Kirby also suggested the downed objects posed no immediate threat, were not sending communications signals, showed no signs of “maneuvering or had any propulsion capabilities” and were not manned.” Many believe they got sent from China with negative intentions, but government officials said that is not the case. They still have not gotten recovered. It remains a question to everyone what these unidentified flying objects are, what they came from, and if we should remain worried.

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