Should we change how long our lunches are?

March 1, 2023


Our lunches are quick, we don’t have enough time to enjoy our lunch and relax. In this article, I asked both students and teachers if they wanted to keep or change the current lunch schedule. We have had the same lunch schedule for too long. So I will show some examples of why we need to change the system that we have now.


We know that people have been complaining for a while. People say that lunch is too short. They cannot get to their house in time. Or even not being able to eat outside of campus. I asked many people, both students, and teachers, what they prefer.

Teachers View

Since I am a student, I thought that it would be interesting to see other people’s opinions on the issue. I interviewed one of my teachers, Mrs.Whittecar. She is a marketing teacher at Jenison High School. “If I had a dream world, I would love 45 minutes, which would allow time to go off campus or go home and check my pet if needed,” Whittecar said. She also said that she “felt rushed” when eating her lunch. This would be a recurring theme in both interviews and the popular opinion as a whole.

Students View

I also wanted to have the opinion of fellow students. They were the ones who had to make it to each class on time. As a fellow student, seeing other students’ views were good. I wanted to see exactly where the student body’s opinion lay. Morgan Graham, a Junior at Jenison High School, was my first interviewee. Graham eats his lunch at the cafeteria, but he wishes it was different. I asked him if he would eat lunch at home if he had more time. “Yes.” He says. I also asked Graham how much time it took him to eat lunch. “Well, the amount of time that it takes would be about 30 minutes,” he says. This shows how there is enough time for those who eat at school.


It seems that eating at school gives you enough time to eat a full-course lunch. Yet, students who go home for lunch may not have enough time. I asked Tyson McKellar, a Junior at Jenison High School, what he did for lunch. “I go home,” Mckellar says. Like everyone else, I asked Tyson what his ideal time would be. “Like, about 45 minutes.” Which makes sense.

Professionals Opinion

It seems that there are many different opinions on how long and what the structure of lunch should be. Some think it is a perfect length, while others wish it would be longer. It looks like it will be hard to find a perfect solution for all students and teachers. Professionals say that “Longer school lunch periods, especially longer seated lunch times, result in less food waste as well as improved student performance, cognitive function, physical health, and social/emotional health” (King County Green Schools Program).


If our lunches ever got changed, it would make some jubilant and others outraged. It will be interesting to see if things ever change, or if they will stay the same. This article should have shown the different views on teachers’ and students’ thoughts. Do you agree?


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