Crime has no age limit

Jason Do, Staff writer

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Going in Style is a movie starring Morgan Freeman, Alan Arkin, and Michael Caine. They decide to rob a bank when they lose their pension fund. The bank they decide to steal from is the very bank that took their money. They enlist the help of a criminal to train them to rob the bank.

Seeing Alan Arkin, Morgan Freeman, and Michael Caine interact makes the movie very entertaining. The acting was good, and the movie itself was hilarious.
There was a training montage in the movie where the three old men learned how to shoot guns, get in and out of the bank in a short time, and make their alibis. One of the funniest parts of the movie.

I would recommend this film to ages 13 and up, due to some of the jokes that are made in this movie. This is a movie that is funny and entertaining that people should see.

Crime has no age limit