How skateboarding can affect a students everyday life


Kaya Jensen, Staff Writer

How can skateboarding affect a student? There are many positive and negative ways it can affect you. 3 students from Jenison High School, Eva Sepuvelda, Magnolia Jensen and Christian Boldt will tell you how. Eva is someone who loves to skate, Christian is someone who used to skate, but stopped and Magnolia does not know how to skate. These interviewed students will show how skateboarding can change how a student gets to school, learns, and socializes.

Learning is critical, so you need to get to school somehow. Some students get to school by riding the bus, some do by driving, some get to school through skating. Many students actually skateboard to school, including Here at JHS.


One student that I interviewed, Eva, lives near the school, so she skates to the school sometimes. Magnolia and Christian both use a car to get to school and have never used a skateboard like Eva.

“I have used skateboarding to get to school from time to time”

Relaxing and Learning

Eva uses skateboarding as a way to help her learn better by using it as a way to relax before doing homework. From a different perspective, Christian used to do something similar but does not skate anymore. Magnolia does not know how.

Eva said, “I love it, It is so relaxing and before I do my homework it puts me in a good mood and mindset to get my work done.”


Skateboarding is also a great way to socialize and make some new friends. A way of socializing can be from going to the skatepark and meeting friends or having a similar style. Many people who skate tend to have a different “skater” sense of style. Eva is a skater now so she makes friends from skateboarding pretty often, including me. On the other side of things, Christian used to make quite a few friends through skateboarding. Since Christian stopped skateboarding he hasn’t really anymore.

“I used to make a lot of friends from skating but I stopped doing it because I did not have a lot of interest in it and I lost all friends I met,” Christian said.

It can Affect Everyone

Magnolia has not ever learned how to skate well. She has tried it before for fun and failed by falling off, hurting her leg. The one time she fell off affected her want to skateboard, making her never try again.

Years later, after the fall, Magnolia said, “I still have the mark on my leg from when I fell off a skateboard that one time.” She said it was my fault that she fell off but I do not agree.

Wrapping it up

These 3 students all have different perspectives, from someone who skates to someone that does not know how to skate. But they all are, will, or have gotten affected by skateboarding in some way.

Skateboarding does not only affect students school-wise, it can also affect them in many other ways personally. Skateboarding usually affects people who are “classified” skaters. Skating also affects people who used to or do not skate as well.