The Best Bang For Your Buck, The 8th Gen Civic Si

December 8, 2021

Looking for a great first car that is good for driving around town and having fun while doing it? Well, the 8th gen Civic Si is the car for you. The 8th gen Civic is a compact economy car good for daily driving. It features great gas mileage and incredible honda reliability.

Gas Mileage

The Civic has great gas mileage making it a great choice if money is tight. Car and Driver claim the Si gets 30 mpg city and 38 to 40 on the highway. That is great gas mileage and should be perfect for most people’s daily commute making the civic Si affordable.

Fun features

The Si is the performance trim for the Civic and has multiple sporty features. This includes bucket seats, a 6-speed manual transmission, a spoiler, limited-slip differential, a rev-happy 2.0 l inline 4 engine with dual overhead cams, and Hondas infamous variable valve timing, VTEC. The 6-speed manual transmission is a breeze to use and is a great first car to learn how to drive a stick. The civics inline 4 is a fun little engine to work with. It revs high and has some serious get-up when in third gear and hondas variable valve timing adds a good boost of power when in high rpm. 0-60 comes in about 6.7 seconds when driven by an experienced driver. This car also comes with plenty of aftermarket support so if you want to get into the tuning scene this might be the perfect car for you. The Si body styles include a coupe and a sedan so if you want a two-door they have it. These features give the driver the feeling of driving a fun fast sports car without affecting the practicality of the car.


The Civic Si is a pleasant car to look at. The exterior features a sleek design, and both the coupe and sedan got this treatment. The civic has an aggressive front end fitted with slanted headlights that give the car its personality, as well as a bumper that has vents that add to the performance look. At the rear end of the car, we see the 8th gens iconic taillights and a wing fitted onto the trunk. The car also sits on four seventeen-inch wheels which are a perfect fit for the wheel wells.


The interior of the Si resembles the cockpit of a fighter jet. The dash was made to accommodate the driver of the vehicle and Honda gives the tachometer and speedometer their own independent screen. The center of the dash houses the infotainment system where you can control the climate of the car and the sound system. The fabric bucket seats are comfortable and are adequate for long drives and the car has. Both the coupe and sedan have five total seats and have a good amount of trunks space. Overall the interior/exterior design looks great and is functional.

Reliability and Price

The Civic is famous for being cheap and reliable and this car is no exception. You can get 8th gen Si’s for around 5-7k with only 100,000 miles on them. These cars are usually reliable and cheap to fix. Most Civics can go up to 300,000 miles if well maintained and taken care of.


The 8th Gen Civic Si is an excellent car overall. It has good gas mileage, great reliability, provides an amazing driver experience, sports a unique design, and is affordable.


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