Masks on stage

Impact of masks

February 25, 2021

Opening Up

As we all know, activities and events, due to the virus, are not exactly open and available to the student body. As well as the staff members. But there is one group that gives it their best to keep moving. Jenison’s Thespian troupe put on performances even with covid. Ms. DeGraaf has had the privilege of directing/advising the High school’s shows, along with Ms. Oosterink. Together, they help create and produce fun shows that all will enjoy. But also let the student leaders of the group do their parts as well.

Words from the Staff

“The students are good at running the meetings and we are there to offer encouragement and suggestions as needed.” DeGraaf says. The troupe has done some well-done work since the pandemic. They still were able to perform and still stay safe. But with success comes some struggles along the way. Masks and performing aren’t the greatest of pairs, however, DeGraaf has great hope for the future. 

“We are handling it day by day. It’s definitely a struggle. It’s hard to see expressions and things like that. It also makes understanding what is being said a bit more difficult. I cannot wait until theatre is back to no masks!!!” Wearing a mask and performing on stage can be quite a challenge. But no matter what comes from it, the troupe finds a way to see it through.

Normalness and Bouncing back

Of course, It is understandable that certain activities, sports, or events won’t be able to do much participation during these times. But if there were ways that they still could, I would guess that they’d try whatever was possible to get those who enjoy them back into the action. Yes, masks are necessary, and yes they are uncomfortable. 

But that shouldn’t be able to affect how we go about doing the activities that we love to do. The thespian troupe has done its best to find ways for everyone to stay healthy and share what they’ve worked on with other people.

It is important to stay healthy, but it is also important that you still do what it is you enjoy even in the most unlikely way. Senior Brandon Sams is the president of the troupe. And provided some good information on how much this means to both himself, as well as the whole troupe. And shows what he thinks will become of the new released vaccine that is now available.

Student’s Opinions

It’s a challenge because theatre is about escapism so it’s a challenge to give the audience the feeling of escapism with our masks on. I am glad that we are able to do theatre and I’m willing to do whatever to make sure it happens.” 

Sams is grateful for the opportunity to still be able to perform even if it means having to wear a mask. But it does take away a part of the experience as he mentioned before. However, Sams does say this as well in terms of returning back to normal, If vaccines get distributed fast enough & everyone does their part then I am confident it will bounce back”. Both Degraaf and Sams have shown great amounts of hope for what comes next for the troupe. 

Adjusting to the New

All activities, groups, events, sports, and so many others  slowed down due to covid. They may not be the same for right now, but why not make the most out of it while we are still able to. The drama club here at Jenison has have shown that even though circumstances are unusual, you can still do what you love and enjoy it. Even if it comes to adjusting to something unfamiliar.  

“That is quite the animal. We are handling it day by day. It is definitely a struggle. It’s hard to see expressions and things like that. It also makes understanding what’s being said a bit more difficult. I cannot wait until the theatre is back to no masks!!!” Degraaf says.  Even throughout the rough times we are in, there is still so much to do.  Masks on stage, but still on the same page. Working together to make it all happen and fall into place. With everything that everybody has gone through the past year, it is clear to see that giving up hope is not an option.

Closing the Curtains

Masks have had a large impact on everybody. The students, and staff members. But we all make the most of it while it still goes on. Yes it changes how our usual activities are done, for right now. But that doesn’t mean that they won’t ever go back to being the way that they were before. Yes, it feels like an eternity of concealing our faces. But even with masks, does it help? And what about the vaccine? Will it help get rid of it? At some point in the future, it will go back to normal.

Likely not all the way, but at least to some level of it. Masks or no masks, you should still be able to do the activities that you enjoy and love even if it means altering the way they are done. Everyone during this time experienced tough situations due to today’s way of life. And masks have portions of the control of your life’s stage. But they do not need to keep all of the controls.

 From personal opinion, exposing ourselves to the virus will help more than the vaccine and whatever else. Will the vaccine help at all? What is the real purpose of it? These questions could be in your mind like they are in mine. Although I do not agree with some decisions, I do understand that these are serious times and those in authority and what they can to try to keep us all safe. Not everyone will agree with the decisions that the leaders of our state and country make. But still show respect to all. Stay safe, healthy, and classy wildcats!

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