Masks work but don’t WORK

October 26, 2020


In the world today we all know what a mask is and what its use is. With that, it is known that these masks are effective in the pandemic right? Actually that is not the case. Masks can be effective to prevent others from getting the virus when a person already has a specific virus, take Covid-19 as an example, and you do not need them when you do not have the virus yourself. 

There are lots of facts to why these masks are not useful and also can make the situation worse in some cases. I encourage you to read this article because there is specific research that shows why the face coverings do no good and it also gives you an opportunity to learn more about the masks. Masks are not the super huge savior that we need to stop this virus from spreading and here is why.

Masks being a mandate into our lives for school, work, restaurants, stores, etc., has kinda became a situation that we are just kinda getting comfortable with at this point. Even though none of us like wearing a covering on our beautiful faces and having that smell of your own breath getting put straight back up your nose, it has come to the point were people do believe it helps and they do not understand what they actually do. A study from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has found that masks or cloth face coverings do little to prevent someone from contracting the novel coronavirus. This is a study from the CDC itself saying that the masks that you wear around town are not of a lot of help. On the other hand though, the CDC also states that it does reduce the spread of the virus in the air if you wear your mask the right way and it is fits to your face. I am here at school looking around the classroom and many of the students have little peek holes on the side of their masks. People do not wear them fitted. What is the difference in wearing a mask or not wearing one if your breath gets in the air anyways through those escape holes?

Another reason masks do not work is for example, in hospitals wear they require the use of masks and out of all the disposable mask boxes they get, all of the boxes say “does not protect against viral infections”. Jennifer Zysltra RN, who works in health care says, “In the workplace, when we do get our boxes of disposable masks, it specifically says on the box that it does not protect against virus, which does not really make sense because I thought they were supposed to protect from viruses like COVID and Influenza.” this gives another solid reason as to why masks do not work for the use of COVID-19. It says it right on the BOX. It has to mean something does it not?

Now, masks are an object that people need to wear to help this sickness but not according to Public Health Director Horacio Arruda . Arruda says, “I don’t think that masks are the miracle solution,” he said. “They are useful for those who are sick to not contaminate others. It’s all about hygiene of the hands.” Dr. Tara Smith, an epidemiologist and infectious disease expert at Kent State University says,  “I think at this stage of the pandemic, it’s really the idea that masks are not helping or in some cases are even dangerous or counterproductive.” 

“I think at this stage of the pandemic, it’s really the idea that masks are not helping or in some cases are even dangerous or counterproductive.” ”

— Dr. Tara Smith

Last, there is another study by the CDC giving a table chart on the people who currently have Covid-19. The table chart shows that only 6 of the 155 that they looked at for the study never wore a mask before contracting this virus. While on the other hand a big 108 of the 155 people always wore their mask before getting infected with this virus. This is a big study in the whole mask situation going on in our new world we live in. You may look at that chart here.

Now, the facts are all here. These facts explained by the professionals prove that masks are not the key to solving this virus and to stop the spread. Masks can be waste of our time if we are not already infected. They scratch our faces, make us itch, and do not help much during this pandemic. As Jennifer Zylstra RN said, “It says it right on the box.”

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