Jobs that are going to be in demand in ten years

October 20, 2020

Jobs that are going to be in demand in ten years

Knowing what you want to do as a job after college acts as if you brought a blueprint to a house.

Sites have found jobs that will be in demand within the next 10 years for example a Career site Indeed says that the top 15 jobs in demand right now are. Home health aide, nursing assistant, construction worker, physical therapy aid, medical technologist, truck driver, operations research analyst, financial advisor, health service administrator, registered nurse, web developer, physical therapist, information security analyst, statistician, and software developer. So if, you see a profession on that list there are sites like the beura of U.S. labor to see more in depth about the career.

Registered nurse

If you want to become Registered Nurse then According to Nightingale college the average age of registered nurses is 50. Most of the registered nurses will retire soon. This is why there will be a demande for them. While some may think that nurses are only females, males can be nurses as well. They are usually found in hospitals but can work in clinics as well. This means they can work in a multitude of places and environments.

Physical therapist

Physical therapy is an important field whether it be a sports injury or accident. According to the U.S. bureau of labor the outlook on physical therapists will grow 18 percent. The cause of this growth is due to Baby Boomers getting old with needing rehab. This is because they work longer age wise and because of medical occurrences like strokes. Physical therapist have many uses they help recover from sports injuries surgeries replacing a knee or shoulder. They are found in hospitals but can also be found in clinics for physical therapy.

Construction workers

Construction is in demand including the trades that go with it. According to the Fieldlens team 9 out of 10 construction firms can not find workers. According to a survey by General contractors of America the highest demanded are in the trades and skilled working areas. An example is Carpentry it is the highest needed. The firms are in bid wars for workers by increasing wages and giving better benefits than another firm.

What to do if your interested in a job

I did some research for some jobs that will grow at a faster rate than the average. Look at the list and, see if there are any jobs that look interesting to you. If you find a interesting one research it, a good place to start is the education required to get the job. After that shadowing someone who works in that field to see what they do daily and if you would want to do that job is a great idea.

There are many fields of work and many jobs within those fields and every job is important to the world’s economy. There will always be professions that need more people to fill jobs and looking for a profession you like within those jobs is a great way to guarantee yourself a job. The hardest question in high school or middle school is what do you want to do when you grow up. The hardest part of answering that question you decide what your life will revolve around for the rest of your life when you finally answer that question.

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