Are Electric cars worth the cost?

November 13, 2019

Electric cars have been around for sense the mid 19th century. The first electric car was made by porsche which made it before the First World war. Sense then there has not been a change in gas admissions in our environment, what makes our new electric cars better?  Some of the reasons they don’t do better for us, is that nuclear or coal plants that burn fossil fuel to make electricity and factory that produce the cars. The prices are too high for people to change over to electric also they cost a more to make them, and finally scene they introduce them our climate has not got better, it has got worse.

Climate change has not changed in a significant way, most of the energy in the US is from coal or nuclear plants. The pollution alone in our air is about half from coal burning emissions. All the electric cars have done, is add one more source that takes energy from the plants, which in turn makes them have to burn more coal or other fuels.

Electric Cars are only as Clean as their Power Supply”

  The US and world economy relies and rests on the oil business. Most people would just say, “why don’t we use solar?” The answer to that is that it takes lots of money to make the solar panels and it also takes power from the plants to build the panels. These plants also provide many jobs for our community and all over the world. There are nuclear engineers that have spent there life in those careers and it would take their whole life, if we shut down the plants.

Cars are a need in life, we use them to get to places and transport supplies to locations across the world. With high prices, not many people want to buy them because they are too expensive. Also most people only pay a couple thousand for their first car or when they are on a budget. For me and most teenagers a thirty thousand dollar msrp base model of an electric car is way out of the picture. It also takes a year or more to get accepted into the waiting list for the base model s tesla. This is weird, most people see this and cannot wait so they just get a regular car for half the price. There are thousands to millions of used cars that cost down to one tenth of the cost of an electric car. Plus it costs six to twelve thousand dollars for a replacement battery for a base model tesla. This costs more than most modern used cars on the market.

The car industry injured our environment, ever scene we had the first cars electric or gas our atmosphere suffered in some way. The average charge for an electric car is about 30 kwh which lasts for 100 miles – roughly the same amount of energy an average US home uses in just over a day. Supplied by fossil fuel, burning plants dump toxins into our air. They say that we have twelve years till no return of global warming, the ice caps are melting and electric cars will not help. While half of our emissions are from coal we continue to suck electricity and keep the plants running. When the electric car batteries that are no good, what do we do with all of the wasted batteries? Tons of toxic waste is making waste which is being produced by empty batteries that cannot be recycled. 

In the end we will not help our environment or our atmosphere by switching to electric cars, although it may look like it is not helping us more than it hurts us. 

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