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Careerline tech center

November 1, 2019

Tech center is not only a class, it’s a family”

— Mr. Hoeksema

            The Ottawa County Careerline Tech Center is a great source for students looking for a career. There are many options and opportunities through the tech center not many people know of. Tech center is places were juniors and seniors can go for half of their day either morning or noon. There are twenty-six different courses that you can take and plenty of job opportunities through those classes.

            The career line tech center has many different partnerships with colleges, but the most prevalent is GRCC. They also offer many different curriculums and classes that you should look into that would be beneficial to your future. They offer many certifications from cosmetology licenses all the way to CPR licenses and OSHA certifications. GRCC accepts many different credits that tech center offers.

            For many generations the tech center passed on to the next generation, it first started in 1977 and to this day grows. Many people went there back then to get their certification to work in a field without a college degree. Back when it first opened it was small. Most kids saw it as a place where kids would go to focus on their studies and get their grades straight. But this is not the case, the tech center is and was a place that started with a dream to help students that want to go into a career or search for a career could go. When asking my interviewees, he said that if he could go back, he would take the tech center.

The tech center was looked at as if it was were the bad kids went”

— Mr. Hoeksema

            At the tech center, most of your classes are not your ordinary classes. Over the period of the year, you become friends and family with the people in your class. My instructors told us at the start of the year that no matter how much we don’t believe him we will become family. Although you must peel yourself open to others and step out of your personal bubble. I have grown and opened up to my class and did not think I could and it was the best decision I have ever made. Most of your classes revolve around twenty to thirty people with two instructors. This helps make a smaller person the person learning because of the two instructors.


— Former Student

            There are some scholarships that are available from the tech center that add up to eight thousand dollars or more of tuition coverage. Which you can get by entering into a drawing. One kid from my instructor’s previous class got a Dave Steenwyk Matt Chatfield scholarship and had their tuition to college paid for completely and they graduated in the public service career. There are many different options by going to the tech center. Which one you chose is up to you. Jenison is a unique school because you have some of the best odds of going to school, some kids from other schools do not get options or they do not get in. 

            In all, you need to consider going to the career line tech center for your junior and senior year because you can gain many different skills, from personal to financial benefits. There is no risk, so why not try it?

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